Free Pro8mm Processing:  We are the only facility to offer better quality, free processing of
Pro8mm brand film when that film is transferred to video at our facility!  Promotion code "
" must be mentioned in advance when submitting your film to cash in on this great offer!
Can not be combined with any other promotion or discount.
No Censorship:  We want our clients to shoot with total creative freedom without concern over
outside vendor policies.  You should be the only one to judge your project content!  We therefore
censor, restrict or edit any client content!  All client projects are always kept confidential!
Special Lab Services
35mm/16mm Color Neg Snip Test w/ Report (10')
$ 35.00
Darkroom Spool Down of 16mm to 100' (spool/box sold separately)
$ 10.00
Darkroom Spool Down of 16mm to 200' Aaton (spool/can sold separately)
$ 10.00
Darkroom Spool Down of 35mm to 400' or less on core (can sold separately)
$ 10.00
Skip Bleach Color Neg Super 8, 16mm or 35mm
$ 200.00
Saturday or Sunday Lab Opening
Weekday After Hours Opening (5PM-9AM)
Holiday Opening
Rush Processing
Super 8
$  .06 per ft/$24.00 Minimum
Regular 8
$  .06 per ft/$24.00 Minimum
$  .06 per ft/$24.00 Minimum
$  .06 per ft/$24.00 Minimum
Lab Services
16mm Film Processing
Push/Pull (surcharge - $30.00 min)
16mm or Super 16 Color Negative (400' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Ultra 16 Color Neg  (Special Handling - 400' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Ektachrome E6, VNF, 7244  (100' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Cross Process Ektachrome (100' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Black & White Reversal (100' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Black & White Negative (400' min)
.10/ft - per stop
35mm Film Processing
Push/Pull (surcharge - $30.00 min)
Color Negative ECN-2  (400' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Black & White Negative (400' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Newly installed Allen E6 Film Processor
Kodachrome Processing: Please note that all worldwide color Kodachrome processing was officially
discontinued as of December 30th 2010 due to non-availability of color chemistry!  However, we still offer
custom processing of Kodachrome as black and white negative.  See details below...
Color E6 Specialists:
Be sure to try our fabulous E-6
motion picture processing for
Fuji Velvia, Kodak Ektachrome
64T, and 7285 reversal
stocks. Super 8 and 16 films
accepted! Beautiful results!
Super 8 Film Processing
Push/Pull (surcharge - $30.00 min)
Color Negative
$10.00/roll - per stop
Ektachrome E6, VNF, 7244
10.00/roll - per stop
B/W Reversal
10.00/roll - per stop
Cross Process E-6 Ektachrome
10.00/roll - per stop
Deluxe, Fotokem, Pro8mm,
Yale, Cinelab, Pac Lab,
pro8mm.com, cinelicious
New! Film Prepping with Ultra-Sonic Cleaning
We use only professional grade materials!  Includes inspection, assembly,
10' heads/tails leader, mounting on new core or reel and full ultrasonic cleaning.
Quality Assurance
Fuji Hunt chemical expert, Mike
Cagle, drops into Spectra's lab to
perform quality assurance tests.
Enhanced Film

Our Lipsner Smith
cleaning system
applies alcohol
with gentle buffing
and 6 PTR rollers
to pick-up any
surface dirt that
might remain after
assembly (prep).
Used for super 8,
16mm and 35mm
film formats.
Regular 8 Film Processing
Push/Pull (surcharge - $30.00 min)
Ektachrome E6, VNF
22.00/ 25' roll
10.00/roll - per stop
B/W Reversal (TriX, PlusX, ORWO)
20.00/ 25' roll
10.00/roll - per stop
B/W Reversal (Foma)
25.00/ 33' roll
10.00/roll - per stop
Double Super 8 Processing (DS8)
Push/Pull (surcharge - $30.00 min)
Ektachrome E6 w/ slitting (100' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Black & White w/ slitting (100' min)
.10/ft - per stop
Old Movie Film Custom Processing
(all custom processing services must be paid in advance)
Super 8/Reg 8 Kodachrome (K-II, 14, 11 or 12) as B/W neg
120 Days
16mm Kodachrome (K-II, 14, 11 or 12) as B/W neg - (100' min)
120 Days
Super 8 Ektachrome 160 (Type EM-26 A or G) as color
120 Days
Super 8 Ektachrome 160 (EM-25 A or G) as B/W neg
120 Days
Super 8 Ektachrome 160 (EM-25 A or G) as color
120 Days
16mm Ektachrome (EM-26, ME-4, ECO-3 ) as color - (100' min)
120 Days
Super 8 Ektachrome VNF 7244 or 7240
4 Days
16mm Ektachrome VNF as E-6 color  (100' min)
4 Days
16mm VNF 2239, 2253, 7239, 7240, 7244, 7250 (100' min)
4 Days
We process 35mm, super 35, 16mm, super 16, regular 8mm and super 8!  
Film is processed in batches and turnaround times vary depending on film type.
Please contact us for processing schedule details if required.
. . .
Groove out to mind numbing
elevator tunes as you watch
a brief video demonstration
of film processing at Spectra!

We mix our chemicals fresh
for each run to assure clean
pictures and accurate color
every time.

Count on Spectra for the
very best in film service!
New Video - Processing Film at Spectra
Foma Specialists:  We can now process Foma with optimum results using our newly adopted
chemical formula (no push required)!  This process is done at our low, regular black and white lab
rates!  However, due to the many manufacturing defects within Foma film we can not guarantee picture
quality.  Foma manufacturer defects might include white speckles, clear spots, dirt, minor scratches and
perforation damage.
Processing and Payment Policy:  Any films you submit to us for processing must be paid in
advance and will not be refundable (whether the end result has a usable image or not).  We still preform
the service and use up chemistry to determine  what is on your film.  So, it is important that the potential
images will be worth it to you!  
Processing Minimums:  Like most labs, we must charge minimums on some of our processing
services to cover our minimum labor, chemical and utility costs on our larger machines.  However, as a
cost savings courtesy, we also offer
standby service upon request.  This service combines smaller 16mm
jobs with others to reduce our 16mm color negative minimum to just 100'!  Your only added cost is time.  
Jobs on standby may take 3 weeks or longer to complete. If you opt for standby service, please be patient.
Realize that we will provide you with excellent quality processing at a really good rate!
Super 8 Ektachrome 160: EM-25 or EM-26?  EM-25 film was manufactured pre-1984 and requires
more expensive chemistry to develop in color.  To tell if your super 8 cartridge contains older EM-25 film
look for white or yellow lettering with blue background on the cartridge label where "Ektachrome" is printed.  
EM-26 and later films will have different label color variations   
Sample of EM-25 label color:
and usually have "process EM-26" printed in the corner.
NEW AT SPECTRA!  Ultrasonic Film Cleaning:  After any lab assembles film and adds leader,
a proper cleaning should always applied to remove handling dirt.  At Spectra, we now use the
Lipsner-Smith CF7200 ultrasonic cleaning system with all telecine prep services to ensure professional
results.  The 7200 provides full immersion cleaning in a warm bath of solvent while ultrasonic agitation
and gentle buffing is applied.  This is known in the industry as the safest and most effective way to
clean any motion picture film (acetate, nitrate or polyester)!

We are also the
ONLY lab in the US to offer professional ultrasonic cleaning services using our
modified CF7200 for the lower formats (super 8 and regular 8).  Send your film to Spectra and see why
we are considered to be among the best in the business!
Old Film and Foma Policy:  We do not provide refunds or guarantee results on Foma or old films
that may have inconsistent results due to age, manufacturing quality or chemical compatibility.  This
policy includes Foma, all color VNF, 64T and 160 Ektachrome, all Kodachrome, old PlusX/TriX, old
ECN-2 negative. We can only provide you with our best effort to obtain results!