PAL now Available for Mini DV and Hard Dive Formats at no Additional Cost!

Note: All tape digitizing is billed at 1:1 ratio and will not include color or audio correction.  Any additional viewing or organizing of tapes
that we are required to do will be billed separately.

Full guarantees on all transfers when using in-house supplied tape stock or drives.
Hourly Film Transfer Upgrades (1 hour minimum)
Hourly Rates
Spirit 8mm V3S Sound Head (1 or 2 trk mag - hi def)
Y-Front 8mm V3 Sound Head (1 or 2 trk mag - std def)
Spirit 16/35mm Optical or Magnetic Sound  (hi def)  New!
Y-Front 16/35mm Optical or Magnetic Sound  (std def)
H.264 File Conversion for Windows PC
*** Rank - a - Roll ***
Need to test a camera or check a batch of film?  We can help you do it economically.

Transfer 50' of processed super 8 -or- 100' of 16mm -or- 200' 35mm film to DV tape
Prep and Sonic Clean
1/4 Hour Std Def Rank Transfer to Pro-Res Data File (unsupervised)
Color Correction - Included
8GB SanDisk 2.0 Flashdrive Storage Media

HD Spirit Pro-Res 24P 1080 File on Flash Drive Upgrade - Add $40.00
New Media
2TB G-Tech G-Drive w/ G-Dock SATA, USB 3.0
1TB G-Tech Mobile w/ USB 3.0  Reduced!
500GB G-Tech Slim Drive w/ USB 3.0  Reduced!
64GB SanDisk Extreme Flashdrive USB 3.0
32GB SanDisk Extreme Flashdrive USB 3.0
16GB SanDisk Ultra Flashdrive USB 3.0
8GB SanDisk Flashdrive USB 2.0
30GB Spectra Cloud Remote Access  New!
DVD - up to 8.5GB
Sony HDM-63VG Mini DV
Sony Betacam SP
Sony DV Cam
Std-Def Mastering Formats (720 X 480 Y-Front)
Discount!  See our all inclusive packages at the bottom of our film page!
Rates per Hour
35mm, 16mm Super 8, Reg 8
Mini DV, DV Cam, Beta SP
Hard Drive Files (10 bit or Pro Res HQ) or DVD
V3 Gate
Spectra suites offer hi-definition Spirit Datacine or standard definition Cintel Y-Front
telecine systems complete with multi-tier Da Vinci 2K digital color correction system
with SCREAM and DVNR grain reduction for the very best in professional film transfer
technology.  We specialise in offering our clients the unique flexibility to transfer
virtually any film format on the best equipment intended for high-end feature film and
commercial film applications.  Bringing this exclusive technology to the ordinary
filmmaker is our business!

Check out some recent jobs just off our new HD Spirit.  Both jobs are shot entirely in
super 8 using Kodak 200T color negative and TriX black and white.   SCREAM grain
reduction was applied to color portions only.  Using our new system, these are
undoubtedly the best looking HD super 8 transfers you will find anywhere in the
world!  You can rely on Spectra to take the nostalgia and beauty of film to the max!

We say "NO" to our competitors ways...
No misleading rates or hidden deck rental fees! No unfair rate hikes for supervising a transfer!  
No extra "data management" or "docking fee" on client supplied drives!*  No restrictions or censorship!
*See "Client Media Requirements" at the bottom of this page.
Spectra permits clients to supply their own media for transfers as a cost savings courtesy (solely at the risk
of the client).  There is no extra charge for this courtesy if the basic guidelines are followed.  However,
Spectra does not provide a guarantee or warranty on transfers when using customer supplied media.  We
require fully compatible hard drives or tapes that will allow us to complete your job in a timely manner without
incurring extra cost or delays.  
Saving us time saves you money, so, please be aware of the mandatory
requirements below if you wish to avoid any additional charges.

Client Supplied Hard Drives:   Please note that we purge all files from our computer immediately after
your file transfer has been completed unless additional file vaulting service has been purchased!  This
service is available at reasonable cost and recommended as added protection of your files that may be
accidentally deleted, damaged or lost in transit. If you wish to have your files vaulted please let us know in

To avoid additional service charges (such as reformatting, etc) we require that you provide a drive filling all
the following requirements without exception!  Please read carefully below:

Drive Requirements:  

1.  Be sure drive is formatted partition-free as Mac OS extended - journaled, Windows NTFS or exFAT and
compatible with Mac OSX 10.6.8 operating system.
 Drive must also be plug and play (no software requirement).

2.  Include any required data or power cables.  Data cable must plug into a standard USB 3.0 type A or 800
firewire host connection.  Any needed power cords must plug into a US standard 120V wall socket.

3.  Drive must be capable of either 800 firewire or USB 3.0 transfer speeds.

4.  Drive must function properly and have adequate disc space for job completion.

Potential Service Charges: We must have your drive filling all the requirements above when we start your
session or a $25.00 mandatory vaulting fee covering file storage for 30 days will be charged. Any missing
elements that we must supply (such as data cables or power cord) will require a mandatory $25.00 service
charge. Any needed Mac reformatting is $25.00 per drive and will delete any existing files. If your files are
not vaulted with us and you can not recover them from your drive due to damage or loss, we charge a
minimum $175.00 file recovery fee (if files can still be restored from our computer). Any vaulting,
reformatting or missing element fees may be waived if a new drive is purchased directly from Spectra to
complete the given job in a timely, efficient manner (see "New Media" above).  Saving us time always saves
you money!

Client Supplied Tapes:  New, virgin Sony brand tapes only.  Proper tapes must be bundled with the film
at the time we are ready to start the transfer or we will automatically proceed with in-house supplied stock
(billed to the client at our regular list rate above).  We do not exchange tapes.
Client Media Requirements

Better Quality

Better Pricing

Better Service
Color Correction Options - Cost Savings or Simplified Work-flow?  Your Choice!

Unsupervised Onelight - Intended for evenly exposed pictures shot at a single location. Color and exposure is only
once at the head of a reel using a "flat" setting.  More intensive color corrections would need to be done
with the raw files at another location.  While additional time and/or billing may be required for color grading
elsewhere, this method is the most affordable transfer option while at Spectra!  An unsupervised session is billed at a
flat 2:1 ratio based on film run time.

Unsupervised Scene to Scene (recommended!) - Intended for multiple locations and exposure situations (interior,
exterior, etc).  A qualified Spectra colorist carefully reviews the footage and adjusts color and exposure as needed
within any scene lasting 10 seconds or longer!  This form of color correction greatly reduces the amount of correction
work required during editing for much smoother work flow and lower grading cost down the road.  This is Spectra's
recommended choice!  An unsupervised session is billed at a flat 3:1 ratio based on film run time.  

Supervised Session - Client attends the session and calls all the shots on color and exposure with the help of a
qualified in-house operator provided by Spectra.  While this form of color correction can be the most intensive, it is
usually by far the most expensive!  Sessions are billed by the hour according to list rates.

Hi Definition Framing Options - Your Choice!

Basic Hard Drive File Options

Windows PC Disclaimer:  Please note that we currently only capture as Mac based .mov quicktime files.  In some
cases, Windows PC users will be required to download additional software and reconfigure their computer to work
with our original capture files.  Although working with our files within Windows is common with many of our clients,
Spectra currently assumes no responsibility for opening our capture files or feasibility of editing on a Windows based
PC.  For Windows users that have trouble "seeing" our files on their drive, please see the suggested free-ware
Or, try a more complete compatibility solution from
Mediafour software products.

For those who wish to play Apple Pro-Res files on a Windows platform you can try
Apple ProRes Quicktime Decoder
for Windows (free) or consider purchasing Footage Studio 4K for easier integration.

See if Your Computer Can Play Our Files with a Simple Test!
We provide a free series of test files for you to download and try out on any computer!  These are the same files we
capture to when we scan film and should help you determine compatibility.  We suggest starting with Apple Pro-Res
(being the most popular format) and going on from there.  Tell us what works best for you!

Simply log onto our cloud server and drag the file you wish to try onto your hard drive:
Login:  test
Password: test

Hi Definition File Choices:
-1080P 24 (progressive) 10 bit Uncompressed 422:  2min 30 sec = about 20 gigs (Most information, largest files)
-1080i (interlaced) 10 bit Uncompressed 422:  2min 30 sec = about 20 gigs (Most information, largest files)
-1080P 24 (progressive) ProRes 422 HQ:  2min 30 sec = about 5 gigs (Most popular format, good quality)
-1080i (interlaced) ProRes 422 HQ:  2min 30 sec = about 5 gigs (Most popular format, good quality)

Standard Definition File Choices:
- 10 bit Uncompressed:
2min 30sec = about 5 Gigs (Best quality, largest files, best interchangeability with PC/Mac)
- Apple ProRes 422 (HQ): 2min 30sec = about 1.15 Gigs (Good quality, smallest files w/ minimal compression).  

Standard Definition Pulldown Ratios (at most popular frame rates)
24fps = 2:3 Pulldown     18fps = 3:3:4 Pulldown     16fps = 3:4:4:4 Pulldown
We wanted to do it right the first time!  After some testing, it was found that the only way to make
the lower formats shine to full potential on a Spirit SDC 2000 telecine was to design a dedicated 8mm gate
with proper optics.  In April of 2010 Spectra gave the go-ahead on engineering plans to begin this
manufacturing process.  Because it was new territory, everything from lenses to the gate sprockets had to
be custom fabricated.  For the first time in the US, a new small format gate will be available at Spectra that
allows both super 8 and regular 8 formats to be scanned in full HD resolution off a Spirit.

Seeing the difference!  The Spirit SDC 2000 produces far less noise, especially in the highlights
(such as white sky), when compared to older "tube" CRT telecine machines like the Cintel Millennium II or
Data-Mill.  Additional improvements include smoother picture (less grain) and reduction in visible dirt and
scratches due to diffused xenon arc light source.  Spirit transfers simply look better on a big plasma or
LCD screen.  Additional testing on the new V3-S gate also reveals results that are far superior to the factory
DFT 16mm gate mod with improved resolution (see below).  For the best 8mm broadcast HD, blow-ups or
historical archives, Spectra is the only professional source with the system to back it up!

What about the 8mm Spirit "mod" used elsewhere?  The DFT factory mod is commonly used
on the Spirit as a low budget alternative to allow super 8 to be scanned using a 16mm gate.  But, don't let
anyone fool you!  The optics on a Spirit 16mm gate are fixed and only intended to focus a Super 16mm
frame down to a 1920 pixel line-array CCD (capturing chip).  Since the added DFT modification does not
alter the 16mm optics for 8mm, super 8 resolution on a Spirit is limited to about 860 pixels (closer to
standard definition) due to a much smaller image size on the capture chip.  Undesirable electronic
zooming (blow-up) and "up-res" must then be done internally with the scanned image so the Spirit output
can fit it into an HD frame.  Although this up-res output stream may appear to correspond to 1920 X 1080
HD, the original image itself is still only 860 pixels worth of resolution which barely exceeds standard def!

It's all about the glass!  With Spectra's new V3-S dedicated 8mm gate and its correct optics, we can
now use the entire surface area of the chip in the Spirit allowing for the first, true 1920 pixel scan
(more than double the resolution of the 16mm modification)!  The only limitation will be the film itself!
Spectra's new V3-S Spirit gate undergoes testing
Rockin 8mm on the Spirit in Full HD Resolution at Spectra!
Hi-Def Mastering Formats (1920 X 1080 Spirit)
Discount!   See our all inclusive packages at the bottom of our film page!
Rates per Hour
35mm, 16mm, Super 8, Reg 8
Hard Drive Files (1080P or 1080i)    35/16/8mm sound options available!
8mm Telecine Set-up Fees
Per Session
Super 8mm V3 or V3S Gate Set-up (hi def + std def)
No Charge!
Reg 8mm Spirit V3S Gate Set-up (hi def)
Reg 8mm URSA V3 Gate Set-up (std def)
New! Tape Capturing/Digitizing
Tape Format
DVD Mpeg-2 (DVD stock included)
Editable DV File (on hard drive)
60.00 per Hour
145.00 per Hour
Hi-8, Digital 8, Video 8
60.00 per Hour
145.00 per Hour
VHS, Super VHS
60.00 per Hour
145.00 per Hour
BetaSP, 3/4", 3/4" SP
60.00 per Hour
145.00 per Hour
2" Quad (Quadruplex)
600.00 per Hour
600.00 per Hour
Client Supplied Drives - Additional Services
Note:  We immediately purge all files after jobs are complete.  We strongly recommend our file
vaulting service to back-up your files from shipping damage or accidental deletion.
Per Session
30 Day File Vaulting Service - Up to 300GB of added protection! 10 cents/ Gig beyond 300!
Hard Drive Reformatting to Mac - For all non-Mac formatted drives. All files will be deleted.
Hard Drive Missing Elements - Missing cables or power cord that we procure for job completion.
File Recovery - Any file restoration and download without prior vaulting service (not guaranteed)
Spectra upgrades standard definition service
NO rate increase
Spectra continues to push ahead with advances to all levels of telecine service.  A new
standard definition Y-front URSA Diamond was recently installed as a replacement for
their older telecine.  Combining this new system with the superior V3 gate optics now
provides the best standard definition pictures possible.  People on a low budget can now
expect cleaner whites, less noise and sharper pictures.  All this without a price hike!

Where the Y-Front excels is in keeping film scratches minimized by using larger
capturing optics and mirrored light path.  This makes the Y-Front an excellent budget
choice where hi-definition is not required for typical archives and home movies.  

The best part is that this new upgrade will
not increase the already low SD rates currently
offered by Spectra.  This is great news for shooters on a budget!  See rates below!
Spectra's new standard definition Y-front
HD 4X3 Pillar Box
An entire 1:33 film frame is
visible with no resolution or
image loss.  Black "pillars"
are inserted on right and left
to fill in the unused portion
on the HD screen.  This is
the ideal choice for archives.
HD 16X9 Full Screen
The default for full resolution
super 16. Film such as super
8 or standard 16 must be
cropped in removing some
top and bottom of film frame
to fit an HD screen. Ideal for
fluid transitions with HD video.
Fotokem, Pro8mm, Cinelicious,
Yale, Deluxe, Cinelab, Pac Lab,
Note: Scene to scene color graded transfers calculated at 3:1 transfer time to run time ratio (multiply film run time by 3 to obtain
transfer time).  3:1 transfers include color correction needed on shots lasting 10 seconds or longer.  One-light (non-color graded)
transfers calculated at 2:1 transfer time to run time ratio (multiply film run time by 2 to obtain transfer time).  2:1 transfers include
setting up color at the beginning of a roll and ignoring individual shots.  One-light color and exposure is set "flat" to keep the pass legal
for color correction elsewhere.  Use the Kodak film calculator link to estimate footage run times.  1/2 hour minimum required.  Hard
drive or tape not included.
Note:  All digitizing is billed at 1:1 ratio and will not include color or audio corrections.  Any additional viewing or organizing of tapes that
we are required to do will be billed separately.
New from Spectra!  Remote Server Cloud Access for Film Dailies
Spectra now offers instant remote server accessibility to fully editable film transfer dailies from any computer in the world.  
This means that a director in New York, editor in Los Angeles and DP in Brazil can all gain accessibility to film dailies for
expedited editing and creative decision making.  Our cloud also doubles as your file vault for 30 days in case previously
downloaded files are accidentally corrupted or deleted.

The drawback is that download times, while usually faster than shipping, can take several hours or more depending on
file size and user internet connections.  Considering this we suggest the following:

1.  Download from wired connection with 12Mbs or faster service.  Wireless connections not recommended!
2.  Be sure your computer settings
do not activate "sleep" mode or shut down during the download.
3.  Avoid using internet for other purposes while downloading to reduce the chance of errors or corruption.
4.  Try to restrict cloud downloads to files under 30 Gigabytes
5.  Be prepared for slow download speeds depending on providers and distance (100Kbs - 1.5Mbs average)

To test your connection, please log onto our cloud server and start the download of a 5GB test file.  This will allow you to
properly gauge download speeds from your location with some accuracy:             
For more information on these wedding shooters contact:                                                                                                          
Super 8 Millennium vs Spirit Comparison Video
Special thanks to Christian Schneider for producing a direct,
unbiased comparison of the same 8mm footage transferred on
our Spirit SDC 2000 at 1080 resolution (right) versus a
competitor's Millennium II at 2K resolution (left).  Both the BW and
color films are somewhat grainy due to high film ASA, format and
lighting.  The example shows the Spirit producing more crisp
detail, accurate color with no additional digital noise. Proof that a
more advanced capturing array, superior optics and a trained
colorist at the controls will continue to lead the pack in quality.

This explains why only the very best facilities still use the Spirit
telecine for professional work while Millennium and the newer
budget scan machines on the market fail to measure up even
though they may somehow claim to offer "more resolution".  As a
million dollar machine, the Spirit was designed with amazing
optics and capturing that currently surpass all the competitors
regardless of their claims. See the difference Spirit makes!
Login: test
Password: test
16mm Xena vs Spirit Comparison
Thanks to another client of ours for a
direct comparison of 16mm transferred
on our Spirit at 1080 resolution ( far right)
versus a competitor's DCS-Xena scanner
at 3K resolution (left).  Both versions were
professionally color corrected by each
facility for finished editing and viewing.

Again, the example shows that the Spirit
produces much better detail and color.  
Leaves and bark on the tree appear
colorful and detailed while the Xena scan
tends to be soft and washed out.  The
positive black and white Spirit image also
shows much more dynamic range and
crisp detail of tree branches while there is
little to see from the Xena.

As we see, what is advertised as more is
actually less.  Although the Xena may
suggest a 3K capture spec,  there are
system shortcomings that significantly
effect picture resulting in less actual
resolution.  Low budget scanners of today
still can not compare to the extraordinary
quality built into a the Spirit.
Millennium II                                      Spirit
DCS-Xena                                                             Spirit