Goko Sound Head for 8mm Viewers
Neumade Clamp Mount Rewinds (pair)
Priced elsewhere for a staggering $795.00!  
Super solid camera with great optics.  
camera is custom modified to work WITHOUT
troublesome exposure batteries!
Meter will read
64T and 100D films for maximum flexibility!  

Specs: 7.5 - 60mm, 1:1.4 pwr zoom lens w/
manual & auto exposure / 12, 18 and 24fps /
cable remote single-frame / footage ctr.
Price: $495.00
Used Canon 518 Rubber Eyecup
A hard to find item for shooting comfort and
clarity.  These are the original Canon
eyecups made exclusively for Canon's 518
camera line.  They come in various states
of condition, but are all functional.

Specs: Used rubber eyecup slip fitted to
the back of Canon 518 Autozoom cameras.
Price: $35.00  
Professional features at a low price.  Delivers
surprisingly good image quality.  Quietest
and most reliable camera in its class.  Meter
will read 64T and 100D films!  Separate
zinc-air exposure batteries required.

Specs: 9.5 - 47.5mm zoom, 1:1.8 pwr zoom
lens / 18 & 36fps (slow motion) / manual and
auto exposure / built in 85 filter, footage ctr.
Price: $195.00
Canon 518 Auto Zoom
                               +  Film Equipment Repairs +                                                
                                  16mm, Super 8mm, Regular 8mm - Cameras, Projectors, Viewers

    For those who already own equipment, Spectra Film and Video offers the same quality repair and
    reconditioning service as is performed on the items we sell.  Nearly every make and model can be worked on
    to an extent.  We have an inventory of parts as well as a machine shop to allow us to make additional parts that
    are not readily available.  All repaired items will come with a qualified 30 day warranty on repairs performed.

    Camera repair or basic maintenance will usually run $200.00 - 400.00 or more.  Please take this into
    consideration when sending in a camera for estimation.  Be sure to take the time to evaluate its true worth and
    replacement cost first before sending items in.

    We are currently experiencing repair delays due to demand.  A delay of a few weeks or more is not
    uncommon.  Do not send in any equipment that is quickly needed for a time sensitive project.  We will not be
    responsible for missing deadlines.

    To have your equipment estimated for repair, first give us a call to discuss the make and model.  Once we give
    you the go-ahead, simply send it in with a description of the problem, return address, phone number, and a
    $40.00 non-refundable estimate fee.  Do not include unrelated items such as camera case, box, filter key, lens
    adapters, film or any other items that might get separated.  

    The $40.00 non-refundable estimation fee will be applied to tech service for equipment disassembly,
    evaluation and testing for a basic report.  The estimate fee must be paid to cover these evaluation costs
    whether or not we are able to service your equipment.  Should you accept our estimate for repair, we will apply
    the entire estimate fee as credit towards your repair cost!  Items with estimate refusals or considered
    unrepairable will be reassembled (as it was) and sent back for an additional shipping charge (small cameras
    are usually about $20.00 - 30.00 for domestic FedEx ground).  Any items not in the process of undergoing
    estimate or repair service that are left at our facility over 60 days will be considered abandoned and discarded.

    All equipment requiring repair estimates should be sent to the following address:


8mm sound head accessory that goes on any
viewer with
accessory shoe.  Permits audio
playback of super 8 sound film (main track)
through 3/8" earphone jack.  9V battery and
earphone not included.

Specs: Super 8 main track audio playback /   
Standard earphone and 9V battery required /
For viewers w/ accessory shoe /  Volume
control / on-off switch w/ main power LED
Price: $145.00
Goko G-2002 Dual 8 Editor/Viewer
Spectra Film & Video
*16mm and Super 8 Equipment Rentals
*Reconditioned Cameras, Projectors & Editing
New! Referral List (obscure film services)
Spectra provides reasonably priced, well maintained equipment for projects that need the best, most
reliable results possible.  If you need it done right, you can count on Spectra!
Canon 814 or 1014 XL-S Super 8 Camera
Canon Scoopic M 16mm Camera
Elmo 16mm 16-CL Optical Sound Projector
Elmo Super 8/Regular 8 Editor -Viewer
Wurker Super 8 Film Splicer
Spectra Rating
Durability: 09  Optics: 08  Features: 06  Low Light: 07
Spectra Rating
Durability: 10  Optics: 09  Features: 07  Low Light: 07
Canon 814 Auto Zoom - Custom
Deluxe Dual 8 Editor/Viewer
Newly refubished/cleaned inside and out.  This
hand operated viewer is capable of playing back
both super 8 and regular 8 films!  Gentle on film
with easy access for splicing.  Excellent for
editing down old movies to save on video
transfer.  Bulb and take-up reel included.

Specs: Regular 8, Super 8 and Single 8 films /   
Large 3.5 X 5 screen / Accepts up to 600'
Price: $175.00
Used Canon 518 Autozoom Case
Originally made by Canon for the 518 Autozoom
(as pictured far right and below).  This case will
hold the camera and Canon telephoto converter
with a small space left over for film.  Cases may
have a few dents and dings due to age.

Specs: Dimentions 11.5" X 9" X 4" / Hard outer
shell w/ soft, vinyl coated, molded foam interior /
Leather strap latch / Shoulder strap     
Price: $35.00     
Battery Mod Included!
Elmo 912 Dual 8 Editor/Viewer
Considered by many to be one of the best hand
capable of viewing both super 8 and regular 8
films!  Gentle on film with easy access for splicing.  
and 200' take-up reel included.

Specs: Regular 8, Super 8, Single 8 films /   Large
3.5 X 5 screen / Accepts up to 600' / Accessory shoe
Price: $225.00


Spectra Film and Video now offers a selection of quality, used super 8 cameras, projectors and editing equipment for the
film maker on a budget.  All the items below are serviced, film tested and ready for action.  Included with each item is a
detailed, instructive walk through with one of our experienced staff and a 30 day parts and labor warranty.  So, if you need
reliability with quality results for your next project (the first time you use it), consider one of our reconditioned cameras.  

Be sure to check out our inventory for ongoing updates!
Reconditioned Film Equipment Inventory
In Stock!
Photo Center Inc
Marvin Meister
7961 Beverly Bl
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: 323-653-6688
Spectra Super 8 Camera Package
Camera/Projector Repairs
Super 8 Repair Specialist: Old-school camera
specialist that knows a bit about everything.  
16mm, super 8mm, reg 8mm. Canon, Bolex,
Beaulieu, Nikon, Nizo, Elmo are just a few of the
brands he commonly works on.  
Also excellent
for rebuilding Beaulieu 4008 batteries.  
does not charge an estimate fee.
used by Spectra for in-house rental repairs!
Still Film Developing and Prints
Richard Photo
28022 Industry Dr
Valencia, CA 91605
Phone: 866-638-5484
On Site E6, C41 and BW Sevices Provided:  
Merged with the excellent Paris Photo who were
among the very best in professional still film
services.  They offer quality E-6 developing (which is
harder to find).  In addition, they handle C-41 and
BW developing.  Print and scan services are also
The Camera Shop
25 7th Ave South
St Cloud, MN 56301
Phone: 320-251-2622
ECN-2 Still Film Specialist: This lab actually offers
in-house sale and development of obscure ECN-2
motion picture film loaded up as 35mm still film!
They also offer C-41 and BW developing, as well as
print/scan services.
We need your Input!...
Please tell us your experiences, both good and bad, with our referrals.  We want to
provide the very best referral for our clients and will update our list as needed.
Digital to Film Out
(Digital to Film Services)
Deluxe Media
Elizabeth "Tig" McKenzie
Phone: 818-526-3661
Digital file to film services done by one of
the most respected film facilities.  Cost is
roughly 25 cents per frame. Digital direct
to 16mm or 35mm!
Filmkonsult Svebaco KB
Bjorn Andersson
Hasselby, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0) 8-38 1074
Beaulieu Repair Specialist:  Known by many as
the very best at fixing anything made by Beaulieu
including both cameras and projectors (super 8
and 16mm). If international shipping is not a
concern and you want the best possible care for
your Beaulieu, Bjorn is your man.
Software Tools
Neat Video Plug-in
Grain Reduction
Highly recommended!  An excellent software
plug-in for grain removal, dust removal, sharpening
and more.  Compatible plug in for Adobe Premier,
Final Cut and Resolve.  We have seen this
affordable software in action and the results are
AM Camera
24932 Avenue Kearney
Santa Clarita, CA 91355
Phone: 661-433-7667
Arri and Aaton Specialist: Specializing in
keeping Arri and Aaton cameras of all manner
in good working order
A&I Photographic
6844 Vineland Ave
N. Hollywood, CA 91505
Phone: 818-848-9001
C41 and BW developing only (no E-6).  Once, a well
known, on-site lab.  Now they out-source processing
to other labs.  They may not offer the personal touch
and quality that some of the on-site labs can provide.  
However, they are still conveniently located in North
Hollywood. Print and scan services are also available.
clamped to any table without need of drilling
holes!  Equipped with shaft toggle clips to secure
reels. Professional, cast iron construction for
years of reliability.  Fully serviced and restored!  
Format spacers and adapters not included.

Specs: 2000' capacity 35/16/8mm rewinds /
not equipped with tension drags
Price: $350.00
Analogue Audio Migration
Audio Mechanics
1200 W Magnolia Bl
Burbank, CA 91506
Phone: 818-846-5525
Restoration and transfer of both optical and
magnetic audio formats to digital file.  This
includes reel to reel tape, magnetic and
optical film, fullcoat tape, cassette tape and
even grooved media (such as wax cylinders).
This refurbished editor is capable of viewing both
super 8 and regular 8 films!  Gentle on film with
easy access for splicing.  Durable metal frame for
smooth transport.  Built-in frame marker and
accessory shoe.  Bulb and take-up reel included.

Specs: Regular 8, Super 8, Single 8 films /  Large
3.5 X 5 screen / Accepts up to 600' / Accessory shoe
Price: $225.00
13624 Black Elk Trail
Prescott, AZ 86305
Phone: 928-708-9901
Bolex Repair Specialist:  Repair and
sprocket conversion of Bolex 16mm cameras.  
May also consider working on Bolex regular 8
H-8, P and B cameras (ask first).  There is a
95.00 estimate fee (waived on repair approval).
Listed services that Spectra does not currently offer.

Spectra is not affiliated with these companies.  We therefore do not
endorse, guarantee or accept any responsibility for the quality of their
service (being a separate operation).

See the links bellow for further details:
Spectra Referral List
Super 16 Inc.
Bernie O'Doherty
607 Broad Street, 1 FL Left
Endicott, NY 13760
Phone: 607-205-1001
16mm Repair Specialist: Bernie repairs and
upgrades just about any make of 16mm camera
including Krasnogorsk, Canon, Arri, Aaton, Bolex,
Mitchell, Eclair, Beaulieu and more. He offers some
of the best quality and pricing we have found in the
USA.  Enhancing viewfinder brightness with
Laserbrighten process, and super 16 conversions
are available.  However, we suggest avoiding Ultra
16 conversions due to an overall lack of processing
and scanning compatibility. Go super 16 instead!
Davinci Resolve 12.5.4
Color Correction - HD
Highly recommended!  A free color and
exposure correction software that allows for
work on rough HD one-light scans from a home
computer!  2K - 4K upgrade is available for a
cost.  Commonly used by the industry pro's.  
Be aware that some practice and time will be
needed to do a reasonable job.
Adobie Premier
Editing - Mac or PC
Currently the most popular editing software.  
This is the most intuitive and easiest to use for
beginners and professionals.  However, there is
a minimum 20.00 ongoing monthly fee as part of
an annual plan.  Be sure to have some projects
lined up to take advantage of this.
Final Cut Pro X
Editing - Mac only
Once the most popular, Apple decided to dumb
down this software as Final Cut Pro X.  As a
result it has fallen out of favor (although it can
easily handle the basics).  The good news is
that it can be purchased outright for only
around 300.00!  No monthly fees!  Not bad!
In Stock!
Mac Drive 10
Utility - Windows PC
Allows Windows users to view, upload and
download files to and from drives formatted for
Mac!  Also allows formatting of drives as any
configuration including Mac.  This seamless
communication tool is used constantly  as we
view files in different bays at Spectra.
Cost to own for single user is 50.00 - 70.00
VideoLAN ProRes
Media Player
Utility - Windows PC
Allows users to view and play Apple ProRes
files from Windows, Linux, and other operating
systems!  Free download baby!
Digital Vision World
Nucoda or Goldeneye
Color/Scanning Sales
Avoid!  The worst ethics of any company  we
have ever dealt with.  Changed their name from
"Digital Vision" to "Digital Vision World" as part of
a bankruptcy scheme to
avoid all debt and
responsibility to their existing customers.  Poorly
designed scanning equipment and software does
not function to stated specifications. Nor do they
honor warranty or returns if products are faulty.
Avoid or get burned!
CPC London
Mill Hall Business Estate
Aylesford, Kent ME20 1JZ UK
Digital file to film services at a potentially
lower cost.  
Precision Audiosonics
1015 N Cahuenga Bl
Hollywood, CA 90038
Phone: 323-467-6505
Offers restoration and  sychronization of both
optical and magnetic audio formats to digital
file.  This includes reel to reel tape, magnetic
and optical film, fullcoat tape, cassette tape
DAT audio, etc.
801 S Main St
Burbank, CA 91506
Phone: 818-972-9078
Aaton Only Specialist: Specializing in keeping
Aaton cameras including XTR, LTR and Minima
in good order.  Note that they do NOT have any
spare 200' Minima spools for sale.
Walter's Camera Video & Digital
811 W Cesar Estrada Cavez Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213-620-1550
Super 8 Repair Specialist: We have less
experience with Walter, but have heard some
good things.  He is another rare gem that still
works on super 8 cameras.  They stock a limited
supply of replacement parts.  So, bring any
spare camera parts to improve repair odds. Only
charges for a repair success.
E6, C41 and BW Sevices Provided:  Henry Goss
has been around many years and runs
an old
customer oriented camera store for still film
shooters of all levels.  Cam Photo also has a nice
variety of still film and camera supplies for sale.
Cam Photo
519 N Glenoaks Bl
Burbank, CA 91502
Phone: 881-841-5011
Rocky Mountain Film Lab
3941 E Harvard Dr
Aurora, CO 80014
Phone: 303-364-6444
Avoid!   This comapany claims to develop any film
you are willing to send.  But they usually cash your
check and hold
your undeveloped film hostage for
years.  This has been going on since before 2010
yet people still continu
e to do business with this
defunct lab
.  Avoid or get burned!