Film resource library including books from Jurgen
Lossau - Atoll Medien and Chris Cottrill - Omni Prints
Publishing, Super 8 Today.  Also DVD sampler from
Rick Charnoshi and Buddy Nichols Productions
(NCP).  All available at Spectra Film and Video!
For additional items, please inquire. You ask for it and we'll get it!
Spectra Film & Video
We all know the
numerous offerings
for super 8: Pro8mm,
super8 sound, yale,
Pac lab,
chambless... Now
Spectra Film and
Video is here with
better pricing and
    Spectra Film and Video carries a variety of hard to
    find items to make shooting and editing your
    projects easier.  Most of our inventory is bought
    direct from the manufacturer to provide you with
    maximum savings.  We are factory direct
    distributors for Hama,Taylor Reel and other major
    manufacturers.  Ask about our dealer discounts!
Editing Supplies

Used Wurker Super 8 Film Splicer
An excellent quality super 8 splicer.  Durable and
easy to use. Splices are reasonably strong and
long lasting.  For use with Wurker
super 8 tapes
listed to the right (not usable with regular 8).


Wurker Super 8 Splice Tape (50 Tabs)
Available as 4 frame tabs only
1 Pack = $10.95         10 Packs = $98.00

Regular 8 Splice Tape (50 Tabs)
Available as 4 frame tabs only
1 Pack = 11.95           10 Packs = 108.00

White Cotton Editing Gloves
To keep film clean and free of oily dirt produced by
bare hands.  Allows skin to breathe and remain
comfortable for extended periods.

1 Pair = $3.00       12 Pairs = 19.95

Hama Cinepress Super 8 Film Splicer
A good tape splicer for the budget minded.  No frills
light weight design.  Very similar operation to the
professional Wurker splicer.  This splicer is sold as
new and includes a set of instructions for use.  For
use with Hama Cinepress tapes listed to the right.


Hama Cinepress Super 8 Splice Tabs
50 splice tapes in each pack .  For use with Hama
Cinepress Splicer.  
Also compatible with Agfa F8S,
Alfo Cinepress Automatic, Braun FK4 Automatic,
Noris Splicomat and Wurker Super 8!

1 Pack = 15.50          10 Packs = 150.00

Foam Coated Green Screen Tape
Unique comfort coated cloth tape for wrapping around
irregular, delicate objects such as microphones,
cameras, cables or even actors.
 Chroma key green
with non-r
eflective, matte surface for reliable results.

2" X 10yds                                   $26.00

Kodak Super 8 Presstape (20 tabs)     5.95

Regular 8 Presstape (20 tabs)  5.95

16mm Presstape (20 tabs)         5.95

10 Packs any Kodak Presstape = 55.00

Regular 8mm 25' Daylight Spool  2.95

Regular 8mm 25' Film Can             2.95

Reg 8mm Daylight Spool w/ Can 5.00
Camera Supplies
18% Gray Card Set (2  8X10 Cards)
Reduce the guesswork with unreliable lighting
conditions.  Simply take a meter reading off one of these
cards for the best exposure average possible. Based on
the 18% standard reflectance on which all external and
internal light meters are calibrated.  Usable with still and
motion picture (film or digital) cameras!
1.35 Volt Zinc Air Photo Battery
An exact replacement for older mercury PX625 and
PX13 exposure batteries.  Unlike common alkaline
batteries you may find elsewhere, these are the only
batteries to have an accurate 1.35 volt rating  to allow
camera meters to expose film correctly.


Camera Maintenance Kit
Keep your camera gate and lens clean and clear
of obstructions.  Includes lint-free lens tissue
pack, lens cleaning fluid, soft brush with blower,
cotton swabs and microfiber cleaning cloth.

The Filmmaking Catalog
A full color, paperback camera book detailing the
history of 8mm and 16mm cameras made by
Canon, Beaulieu, Aaton, Eumig, Zeiss, Bolex,
Arriflex and numerous others. Both English and
German descriptions.  Great gift!  

Film Resources

Movie Cameras Book
An exceptional quality hardcover English/German
book detailing the history of 8mm and 16mm
cameras made by Canon, Nikon, Nizo, Zeiss,
Bolex, Arriflex and numerous others.  Beautiful
color pictures on quality paper.  Great gift for film
buffs!  Perfect centerpiece for any livingroom!

Movie Projectors Book
An exceptional quality hardcover English/German
book detailing the history of 8mm and 16mm
projectors made by Elmo, Canon, Eumig, Bolex
and numerous others. The perfect companion to
go with "Movie Cameras Book".  Great gift for film
buffs!  Perfect centerpiece for any livingroom!

Super 8 (filmmakers handbook) New!
A full color, hardcover English/German educational book
featuring key information for filmmakers on the go! Find  
detailed walk-though of film formats, processing, editing
and telecine with key gear and basic operation.  Includes
contact information for places that offer small format film
sales, processing, telecine and more (similar to LA411)

American Cinematographer
Magazine -
Cheap!  Latest or back issues!

A long time resource for learning how the pro's do it
in film.  Includes the latest in film technology for all
applications.  Buy now and save 40% off news stand!
$3.50    40% Off News Stand Price!

Small Format Magazine (latest issue

An all English version of a European magazine
specializing in super 8, regular 8 and 16mm film
and the shooters.  Plus, lots of information on  
products/services only available in Europe.
No Longer Available!

Lens Cleaning Tissue
Essential for keeping filmed images crisp.  A
soft, lint free lens paper specially prepared for
cleaning multi-coated lenses, filters and highly
polished glass surfaces. Approximately 30  
3.5" X 2.5" sheets per pack.

$3.50 per pack
PRO-GAFF Tape              ON SALE!
We now carry Pro-Gaff cloth gaffer tape at some of the
lowest prices you will find anywhere! This tape
provides a perfect width for sealing 35 and 16 cans.

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Marker
For writing on anything from leader to gaffers tape.
1  = $2.00ea           12+ Bulk = $1.50ea

Editor's Grease Pencil (white)
For marking directly on film or tape to indicate basic
edit points, A/B roll edits or sound sync points.
1  = $3.00ea           12+ Bulk = $2.00ea

6 Pack AA Alkaline Batteries
Six (6) standard 1.5 volt AA alkaline batteries that will
work in nearly all super 8 cameras (except Beaulieu).
Super 8 cameras typically accept from 2 to 6 of these
batteries to function.
 Batteries may be shipped as
Energizer or Duracell brand depending on inventory.

20" Cable Release Camera Remote
Hand selected by Spectra from dozens of remotes for
quality and price.  Super durable, vinyl coated steel
cable.  Includes wing grip with metal center lock.  
Powers a camera on/off for animation, telephoto
tripod shots or special camera housings.  Fits any
camera with a standard cable release socket.

Used Kodak Universal Film Splicer
The only splicer capable of splicing super 8,
regular 8 and 16mm
when splicing multiple
format personal projects is a must! Although a bit
difficult to use, Kodak 8mm tape splices are
considered the strongest available.  For use with
Kodak Presstapes listed to the right.
16mm Heavy Duty Polystyrene Plastic Reels
Better built for commercial use.  Made from thick
polystyrene (will not warp) complete with hardened
steel core insert.  Their non-corrosive plastic makes
them an excellent choice for archiving and storing film.
16mm 2000' Heavy Duty Red Plastic Reel   $40.00
16mm 1600' Heavy Duty
Grey Plastic Reel   $30.00
16mm 1200' Heavy Duty
Grey Plastic Reel   $25.00
16mm 800' Heavy Duty
Red Plastic Reel       $20.00
6V 10W Halogen Super 8 Viewer Bulb
20% Brighter!  Upgrade Today!      
Custom manufactured halogen bulb for the brightest
image possible on a super 8 viewer.  Long lasting
and will
not produce more heat than incandescent
bulbs. A must for a picture that is easy on the eyes
during long hours of editing.  Fits 8mm viewers
(Elmo, Goko, etc.) with BA15S bayonet socket.
39.50 - Limited Supply
6V 10W Hama Incandescent
Super 8 Viewer Bulb  
Avoid the many vendors selling cheaply made car tail light
bulbs that claim they will work in film viewers. These always
result in dim pictures!  The Hama bulb is made specifically
for film viewer optics for the brightest incandescent  picture
you can get.  The key is a similar filament to bulbs used in
microscopes. Fits all 8mm viewers (Elmo, Goko, Vernon,
etc) with standard BA15S bayonet socket.
16mm Plastic Camera Core (2")     
1 core = 2.50           20 cores =  40.00

35mm or 16mm Plastic Lab Core (3")  
1 core = 2.50           20 cores =  40.00

16mm 400' Plastic Reel (economic version)
1 reel = 3.95             20 reels =  75.00
16mm/35mm Film Trim Boxes
Professional grade, gloss white paperboard boxes used
at commercial labs for storing client film.  Generic (plain)
version specially manufactured by Spectra for use at
lab, telecine or archival facility!  11" X 11" box will hold
two 16mm spools or one 35mm spool (1200' ea).
1200' 35/16mm 11"X 11" Trim Box
1 box = 6.00            20 boxes = 100.00
Super 8 50' Plastic Reel (3" across)    
1 reel = .95             20 reels = 17.00

Super 8 200' Plastic Reel (5" across)
1 reel = 1.49             20 reels =  24.00

Super 8 400' Plastic Reel (7" across)
1 reel = 2.95              20 reels = 48.00
Plastic Film Leader - 35, 16, Super 8, Reg 8
Stronger than acetate with anti-static properties.  Suitable
for tape splices only.  
Spectra's primary lab leader!
Acetate Film Leader - 16mm, S8, Reg 8
Suitable for cement and tape splices.
White Paper Tape - New Low Price!
Used in labs and editing rooms to tack up spools of
film.   Easy to write on and will not leave residue.
1/4"X 60yd Roll White Paper Tape
1 roll = 3.50                10 rolls = 30.00

1/2"X 60yd Roll White Paper Tape
1 roll = 5.50                10 rolls = 50.00  
16mm White Plastic Leader (Double or single perf)
100' on core = 12.00       1000' bulk  on core = 70.00
Super 8 or Regular 8 White Plastic Leader (specify)  
50' on reel = 4.95    1000' bulk in dispenser box=65.00
35mm  White Plastic Leader
200' on core = 29.00       1000' bulk on core = 95.00
16mm White Acetate Leader (Double or single perf)
100' on core = 23.00      1000' bulk  on core = 149.00
Super 8 White Acetate Leader     
50' on reel = 11.00           1000' bulk on core = 85.00
Regular 8 White Acetate Leader
50' on reel = 11.00           1000' bulk on core = 85.00
Book of Movie Photography (Used)

The best educational book for beginning
filmmakers bar-none!  This hardcover book  offers
to shoot, edit (the old school way) and compose a
proper film.  Lots of beautiful color illustrations
very easy to understand.  Once the book  of
choice for the USC film program!               
Reduced!      $39.00

SMPTE Count Down Leader Print
Old school protective countdown film we all
remember for audio sync and picture start points.  
But why stop there?  Use it to create cool retro
effects for your next creative film project. One
countdown per film ordered.
16mm Countdown Film             Sold Out
Super 8 Countdown Film          Sold Out

Crack 'n Peel "Do Not X-ray" Stickers
Quality stickers designed by Spectra and Kodak to protect
undeveloped film when shipping or flying. Wording on the
sticker instruct the handler to return the package if
opening the film container or an x-ray is mandatory.  
Printed on coated 3" X  2" semi-gloss, weather resistant
surface with easy to remove crack-and-peel backing.
1 Sticker  $1.00          12 Stickers  $9.95
Used Guillotine Super 8 Film Splicer
Quick and easy splices for super 8. This splicer
uses less expensive roll tape that folds around the
film in one easy step. The splicer punches the
perforation holes in the tape to assure secure
coverage over the entire film surface. 8mm tape
strength is second only to Kodak.  Exclusively for
use with
8mm roll tape listed to the right.
$125.00  Most  popular super 8 splicer!
Empty Kodak Cartridges  Silicone Treated
These are bought in bulk from Kodak for loading
custom films.  Now Spectra makes them available
with our exclusive silicone treatment added for
significantly improved reliability!  Double or even triple
expose entire rolls of film! These cartridges can be
loaded (taped shut) and re-used again and again.
Empty Super 8 Cartridge - Silicone Treated!
1 cartridge = $8.00    20 cartridges =  $140.00
Willard's Trichloroethane (Trike) Film Cleaner - DISCONTINUED
Willard’s Film & Tape cleaner contains 100% 1,1,1-trichloroethane (trike), touted by Kodak as the
most effective film cleaning solvent ever produced since manufacturing was banned in the US.  Also
originally used in all ultrasonic cleaning machines.  Take it from us, trike is the best film cleaner ever!

Now, angry old Mr. Willard (retired lab tech) has bottled some up for sale from his dwindling stash!    
Safe for mag stripe film, microfilm, audio tape, old prints, slides, nitrate, acetate, polyester and more!

Willard's Film Cleaner:     8oz bottle DISCONTINUED    
Willard's Double Layer Flannel Cleaning Roll (11'):    $6.50  DISCONTINUED
Super 8 Today Magazine - Final Issue!
Unfortunately, this informative magazine has
ceased publishing!  The good news is that we
managed to buy up limited quantities of the final
issue for our customers!  This special issue is
packed with interesting info for film makers of all
levels -
including an exclusive article on Spectra!

Pinched Rubber Bands for Reels/Cores
Original reel rubber bands rotted and broken?  These
custom lab rubber bands are the perfect replacements!  
Holds film securely to any  8mm, 16mm or 35mm reel
or core with 50 - 200' of film.  Washed and powder-free
for use with film.  Includes pinch grip for easy removal.

Bag of 50 = $19.95       Bag of 100 = 29.95
Clear Roll Ciro - Guillotine Editing Tape
Crystal clear, unperforated roll tape for use with Ciro -
Guillotine 8, 16 or 35mm splicers. Now we buy in bulk
from the manufacturer and pass the savings to you!
Roll 8mm Tape   4.35ea   10 Pack Saver 39.50
16mm Tape 4.35ea   10 Pack Saver 39.50
35mm Tape 4.95ea     6 Pack Saver 27.60
Roll 8mm = 300 splices,  Roll 16mm = 150 Splices
Roll 35mm = 75 Splices
35mm Soft Touch Bar Rollers (refurbished)
Need to guide film in a nonlinear path without scratching?
processors and cleaners to gently guide 8mm -35mm
gauge film. Standard slip-fit
1-3/8" bearings or spring
bushings (not included) can be inserted to fit any shaft.   
Impervious to harsh chemicals (like bleach).  Useful for
film winding, editing, cleaning, scanning or developing.
1 Roller = 18.00          10 Rollers  = 160.00

Hand Coloring Kit for B/W Prints
A complete kit of 24 colored pencils formulated for
transparent color application over black and white
photo or computer paper prints.

Not intended to color film
celluloid directly.
8mm Film Storage Containers
Quality lab containers for protection and archiving of
regular 8 and super 8 films.
400' 7-1/2" Blue Plastic Can
1 can = 3.00       20 cans = 50.00
400' 7-1/4" X 7-1/4" White Paperboard Lab Box
1 box = 3.00       20 boxes = 50.00         
200' 5-1/4" X 5-1/4" White Paperboard Lab Box
1 box = 2.25       20 boxes = 40.00  
Clear Leader for Archives & Coloring
Freshly manufactured, crystal clear and scratch free
archival grade leader.  Excellent for coloring/painting.
16mm Crystal Clear Polyester Leader (Single Perf)
100' on core =  15.00   400' bulk on core = 50.00
1000' bulk on core = 100.00

35mm Crystal Clear Polyester Leader
100' on core =  30.00   400' bulk on core = 100.00
Used Rivas - Moviola Film Splicer
Built like a tank.  These splicers were used
extensively in cutting rooms and projection booths
back in the day.  Alignment pins and precision
blade allow for clean cuts every time.  Built in
press plate removes air bubbles under tape.

16mm                              $150.00
35mm                                150.00
Clear Roll Perforated Edit Tape
Crystal clear, perforated roll editing tape for use with
Rivas, Moviola Magnasync, Christy's, 3M, Inviso,
Hollywood Film or Ediquip splicers (as seen to left).  
Includes new silicone backing for easy removal
without ratchet marks!  Note that double perf 16 tape  
is also used for single perf splice applications.
50' 16mm    Tape (double perf)           32.00ea      
35mm Tape                                       52.00ea      
Roll 16mm = 1000 Splices    Roll 35mm = 500 Splices
16mm 200' Aaton Minima Daylight Spools
Kodak Made - Brand New!
No longer produced by Kodak and the last of our supply
for loading Minima film. We are now selling these rare,
precision made plastic spools separately for those who
want to spool their own film and keep their Minima going
for years to come.  Can and dark bag not included.

1    200' Minima Spool                     Sold Out !
10  200' Minima Spools (bulk)        Sold Out !
16mm 100' Daylight Spool w/ Box (used)  5.00
Unlike our competitor we include both box and metal
daylight spool for the same price!  Cleaned and
chemically scrubbed for easy relabeling.

16mm 400' Can w/ Dark-bag (used)         5.00
Spare can and dark bag for swapping camera loads
Tape and writing on the can is cleaned and chemically
scrubbed away for easy relabeling.
Original Kodak Super 8 Printed Leader
Preserved 2 foot snips of  original Kodak printed leader
used from the 60's through the 80's . Excellent retro,
vintage look when projected or transferred!   This
authentic leader can be used for film recreations,
music videos, art displays and much more.

2' Kodak Printed Leader = Sold Out
Molecular Sieves - Film Protector
Zeolite sieve technology in packets developed
especially for film storage!  Absorbs moisture and
harmful vapors.  Actually retards acids and vinegar
syndrome that accelerate film decay.  Simply toss
some in with your film for years of added protection.
1 packet = 3.00         10 packets = 25.00
Dealer Bulk Full Can (120 packets) = 80.00

Super 8 Reel Adapter - New Low Price!
Permits newer super 8 reels to be used on 8mm
projectors and editors with small spindle. Now we
buy these in bulk and pass the savings to you!

1 reel adapter = 1.50
10 pack of reel adapters = 9.95
Available as:  black, white, orange,
green, pink, blue or yellow
1" X 55 yd                                       9.95