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$30.00 minimum plus 5% PayPal processing fee on all PayPal orders.  PayPal
account invoice (sent by us later)  must be paid before orders are processed.
Domestic (US) Shipping:  Spectra shipping done with Fed Ex includes tracking/confirmation.  Minimum
Fed Ex Ground is $20.00, minimum Fed Ex 3 Day Saver is $25.00, minimum Fed Ex 2 Day Air is $30.00,
Fed Ex Overnight is $60.00.  Minimum for basic 2-5 day USPS Priority Mail is $16.00.  Note that
Spectra is not responsible for recovery or replacement of any items lost or damaged during shipping.

International Shipping:  Minimum 2-3 day Fed Ex International shipping with tracking/confirmation is $75.00.
Minimum shipping charge for 6-15 day
USPS Priority Mail International (at your own risk) is $49.00.  Note that
Spectra is not responsible for recovery or replacement of any items lost or damaged during shipping.

Shipping Example:  Minimum domestic and international shipping rates will allow for an approximate
maximum of 4 100' rolls of 16mm
or  6  50' cartridges of super 8.

Ship on Customer Account:  Provide us with your Fed Ex account and we will pack, label and arrange a
pick-up for a $10.00 handling fee.  Remember to include preferred Fed Ex service with your instructions.

Self Shipping:  No Charge!  Send us a self addressed, postage paid box or padded envelope with this
completed order form (printed from your computer).  Or, send us a
completed Fed Ex shipping form with valid
shipping account and a box or padded envelope with completed order form. When it arrives, we will fill it with
your order request items and schedule a pick-up.  Also a great savings option when sending in film to be
processed/transferred and returned.  Please note that we do not provide packing materials, postage, labeling
or any guarantee with this service. Incomplete address, label, forms, postage or packing may be subject to a
$10.00 handling fee.  Due to 9-11 United States Postal Service will
not pick up packages with regular postage
stamps over 13 oz.  Use USPS
online postage or FedEx if your estimated weight exceeds this restriction.

Shipping Insurance:  Spectra assumes no responsibility for packages lost or damaged during shipping.  
Contact us directly for a quote should you wish to have comprehensive insurance coverage added to your
shipment.  If you need to file a claim, please contact the shipper directly using tracking information we provide.  
We will be happy to help if any additional information is required for a claim!

International Tax/Duty:  Spectra is not responsible for paying client tax and duty on incoming or outgoing
international shipments.  Unpaid tax and duty that is reversed to our account will automatically be billed back
with an added 50% surcharge.  PLEASE pay any tax and duty in full, on time to avoid a surcharge!
Domestic only
Add $8.00 to
shipping cost.
Shipping Method
Customer FedEx Account
Applicable 10.00 handling fee
Order Instructions:
To expedite your order, please include specific items, quantities and price with grand total.  
Remember to specify format with film orders (ie: 16mm, super 8, reg 8, etc.).  If sending in film for
processing DO NOT "submit" this form.  Instead, "print" this form and enclose it with your film shipment.
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within 24 hours. If you prefer to order by phone please call 818-762-4545.
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